I Preefer MADNESS, actually…

March 17,2017

While many, today, will enjoy their green pints of beer in commemoration of St. Patrick’s Day, many will not.  I am not a drinker, nor am I Irish, but I do like green things.  I love frogs; I love 4-leaf clovers; I love limes; and I love beautiful pastures.  Oh, and I effin’ LOVE cannabis!

Just when you seem to think things are beginning to improve, the whole shit-show comes collapsing down upon us.  I feel as if we’re living in the 20’s and 30’s again, with Cannabis at the centre of debate.  But we’ve already proven that Cannabis, or “Marijuana”, is NOT a substance that makes you crazy…haven’t we!?  We now know that it doesn’t make you rape women, rob people, or significantly decrease one’s motivation in life.  So then why all of these BUSTS??  Mr. and Mrs. Emery, and the Goodwin’s  (among many others!) are proof that Prohibition is alive and well.  I really don’t know how this is all going to end up, to be honest.

Once I seen the myriad Cannabis Culture shops opening up across our beautiful country, I thought:  Wow, we’re actually getting somewhere…thanks to some truly AMAZING people.  Then we find out the police in Toronto have been long-planning this huge take-down.  The government wants complete control over Cannabis (‘cuz they know there’s HUGE profits to be made!), and will go to any measures to ensure they’re the sole providers.  Anyone else who’s selling (better quality) cannabis will be arrested, and not allowed to leave the province.  My God, are we really HERE???  I feel like we’re moving backwards, folks, and eventually people are going to be put to DEATH in Canada for having pot on you (unless you have a medicinal license).  I feel like Anslinger’s spirit is alive and well still, and that’s disgusting.  As stated, we know marijuana’s safer than most substances (even Candy!) on our planet.  So the only issues now is who can or cannot sell it, right?  So – it comes down to MONEY.  Not health, protection, security, or social welfare.  It’s frankly a money matter.

Noone should be able to put a monopoly on a plant you can grow in your backyard.  Hypothetically, you could grow 10 plants, and it would last you the whole year.  You’d go to the Dr.’s less, be much happier, have extra cash in your wallet, and you’d be learning a new hobby!  We shouldn’t need “LP’s” or doctors to tell us what we already know about this plant.  Sure, I’m not an expert Cannabis – but I know it works better than any of the medications I was on.  Doctors hate hearing that, man.  I don’t have a green thumb, but I can grow decent pot.  But again, that’d be thousands of dollars each year not in someone else’s pocket, if I grew my own medicine.  That being said, I’m still hopeful.  Marc Emery is an amazing man.  I have followed him for over 15 years, and applaud his efforts.  Hoping things will turn around quickly, as I don’t want to hit the streets looking for my medicine.  Best wishes, to all!

Reg Nilsna













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