One Confused POThead…

So here we are, April 2017.   Now there’s talk about #LEGALIZATION OF #MARIJUANA by next month.  It seems to hard to believe, considering all of the raids, incarcerations and negativity towards pot in the media.  But there is, in fact, talk going on.  I believe this is a good-bad thing.

The government, not surprisingly, will want complete control over this now-emerging industry…         …that has been known of for dozens of dozens of centuries.  I think it’s probably best that the “powers” take control of this, too (Ooohh – there go my followers!).  I know everyone wants to open up their own pot-shops, and have their own twist on their OWN business.  But the biggies are havin’ NUNNA’ that shit!

I agree that pot IS a substance that CAN harm you; it could potentially KILL (ie. allergies/anaphylaxis, choking, falling/clumsy, over-using/driving)!!  Cannabis is a medicine.  “Noo, I just wan’ get HIIIGH and feel GOOOOOOD!”  If this is WHY you use cannabis, you’re still using it to feel better, right?  “Recreational” or “Medical” – you’re likely using pot to IMPROVE your life, right?  The only difference between the two, really, is that with the latter – a PROFESSIONAL is in agreement with you.

Unlike alcohol, marijuana is not addictive and doesn’t diminish your sense of awareness or spatial perceptions the same.  But it does affect most of your body’s physiology.  It does speed up – or slow down – one’s heartbeat!  That’s scary, man!  I don’t want customers calling me, freaking on me saying that they’re losin’ their shit and I’m responsible!  They think they’re having a heart attack or seizure; they’re experiencing paranoia, and they’re billing me for the Ambulance!  Oh, and they’re contemplating suicide – just great!  I really don’t want the stress or liability in selling plant matter (albeit, a potentially life-altering substance) that really hasn’t been studied as much as it could/should have been.

It’s not a lemonade stand here, folks.  Pot can drastically change your day (hopefully for the better!).  Pot can change your effin REALITY if you’re not prepared!  For most, this is kinda’ the goal, I realize.  We want to relax; worry less and feel GOOD all over!  That’s why we puff, isn’t it!?  I know every pothead’s favourite line:  “But noone’s EVER died from smokin’ weed, yo’!”  While this seems true from a toxicological point of view, I see it as an age-old, hippie-belief that has comforted and reassured us for years.  Potheads will say, “Tell me one case – just ONE –  where someone died from smokin’ weed – TELL ME!”  Well, I can’t.  I can’t tell you one single case where someone has died by stickin’ a knife in a toaster either, but I guarantee it’s happening right now.  Cannabis is simply a plant, but it contains many unknowns.  It’s risks remain hidden for the most part (again, we’ve never really STUDIED IT!), but I think it can have adverse, varying effects on short and long-term health.  While I think it would help with Depression and Anxiety, I can also see it worsening those symptoms for some.

While I appreciate the efforts of #budtenders across the country, a barely-legal clerk isn’t equipped to deal with the HEALTH of cannabis users – medicinal or recreational.  Our world is full of mind-altering substances:  meds, plants, caffeine, sugar, alcohol, etc.  I know it seems contradictory, in a world where a CHILD can order a coffee without a note from a parent or doctor; it’s just ASSumed that the coffee is not for that child, right?  I don’t think we should be giving coffee – let alone CANNABIS – to just anyone who asks for it.  Again, sellin’ pot ain’t like sellin’ LEMONADE.  Pot will affect you much differently than lemonade (and it damn well SHOULD!), and accordingly, MUST come with some statutes/regulations/guidelines.

Thank you for reading.  Would love to hear your opinion on this!

Reg Nilsna


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