Pills, pills, pills.  Drugs are good, aren’t they?  I know most would agree.  One of the main reasons I’d never thought Cannabis, however, would become legal is because of the booming DRUG business.  The Pharmaceutical industry generates Trillions of dollars annually and, while I’m not expert on this sector, I do know that legalization HAS to be of HUGE concern!

Pot will replace a lot of medicines – I think this is pretty clear.  It has proven beneficial for many ailments that are currently being treated for with PILLS.  Even if the pharma-profits are cut in HALF – that’s gotta’ be reason for WAR almost, no?? How are they ok with this??

Here’s the way I look at Cannabis as medicine:  If we were allowed to grow our own medicine, cure it, and use it for healing (not to mention myriad other uses!), we’d have to visit the white-coated GP less.  Physically, Psychologically, and spiritually, we will be feeling much better following nature’s path.  In fact, it has been proven (by someone) that many people are “magically” healed before they even get to see their doctor!  The comfort in knowing you’re soon going to be in good hands, is reassuring.  It’s a medical phenomenon called the Placebo effect.

In general, we have come to realize that – with cannabis – we need a lot LESS of the things we THINK we need in life.  We don’t NEED all of those pills, or all of the stress, or even the fancy cars or house!  Pot seems to wake us up to what’s really important.  Stereotypes aside, many potheads are compassionate, creative, and LOVING people!  We’d generally give you the shirts off of our backs (sometimes just randomly), irregardless of gender.

In ending, I want to state that I wish to never witness a WAR in my lifetime.  I find it horrific that this plant – CANNABIS – has had such a bad rap and has been smothered in such controversy ever since man realized its value.  I hope we ALL can somehow benefit from this God-given, beautiful piece of green life.  The source – and possibilities – are truly limitless.  But I’m sure some madman, years ago affirmed:  “We can NOT let just anyone have this plant!  It’s too amazing!!  It has too many benefits and revealing these can result in clear thinking and inner guidance!  People will never suffer –  or NEEEEED, or STRUGGLE, OR WORRY – unless we BAN this bush NOW!”  Maybe it was worded differently, but the premise is the same.  Too much of a good thing is a bad thing.



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