What’s Left for Marc???


Well here we are, May 2017, and things haven’t changed much.  Marc Emery, Erin and Chris Goodwin, and many others were screwed-over BIG time this year!  All of their fighting, sacrifices, and jail-time seem to be forgotten by many…and I find that sad.  But soon, most will realize the importance of QUALITY, in the Green rush that’s coming.

Most potheads are glad to hear of legalization talks, though!  “Whoot, WHOOOT!”  Me included…sorta’…not really.  I think we all know what to expect from the legal weed that’s coming to stores near you.  Were it not for Emery (and his dedicated team), we wouldn’t be seeing legalization ’til 20-frickin-30!  I had given up on my LP’s, as the Medicine provided by CANNABIS CULTURE was FAR superior!  Now, I have heard people talking about LP Weed being recalled because it has toxins (coughPOPULATION CONTROLcough).  I had been going to “Canna Clinics” throughout the GTA, and I hate to say it – but the product is garbage.  Many go there as you do not need a Dr.’s referral, it’s convenient, and priced well at $10/gram.  I only went there a few times out of utter desperation.  I can taste ‘something’ in the weed, and I’m not sure what it is.  It’s like something was added to the growing medium, perhaps, and you can taste it and feel it in your head (in a BAD way!).  The headaches I get from Canna Clinic’s weed is very unnatural, as I have been smoking for many, many years and seldom experience this.  I know Canna isn’t government regulated, but the quality is about the same as the LP’s (at best!).

Pothead’s know what good pot is.  I have actually reverted to the black market, as it’s far better quality.  So, once legalized, I’m guessing we’re going to see a shit-load of garbage-weed being controlled and regulated by our government.  I used to wonder, what will the drug Lord’s do if pot is legalized?  The gangs, even?  “Pot”, I’m sure, made up a huge portion of their profits.  But now, I’m thinking they will be ok.  I am considering putting a few plants out this year, in fact.  I never thought I would need to grow weed, with it soon to be LEGALIZED.  There’s something gravely wrong there.  The Government isn’t out-smarting anyone but the greedy investors.

Soon, I hope, Cannabis Culture stores will re-open across the nation.  Let the pot-people distribute the pot, for cryin’ out loud!  The Emery’s paved the road for this, and many take that shit for granted.  It’s like the guy you see stuck by the roadside; you help him get on his way, and he drives off without saying “Thank you!”.  Many have access to SOME sorta’ weed, so they’re content.  It’s green, smells skunky, and makes me feel weird.  Good enough (for some).  Me, on the other hand, I think I can tell good from bad dope.  Most connoisseurs can.

It comes down to MOTIVES.  “What’s in it for THEM!?”  I believe the Emery’s, and Goodwin’s, have reasons for pushing this Marijuana Movement so much.  Their reasons are totally different than the motivations of the big whigs, too.  Although it is a business, I don’t think the Cannabis Culture folks were in it to make a huge profit; they were trying to make a huge POINT (“FREE THE FRIGGIN’ WEED, ALREADY!”), I believe.  Many others, including the government, simply want to make money every way they can with pot.  They KNOW it’s gonna’ be HUGE, so they want their piece of the pie (or in this case, the WHOLE friggin’ PIE!).  Most pot-sellers, “dealers”, whatever –  want their customers to be happy; they want them to come back again and again!  Heck, bring your friends if they coo’!  Basically, if you’re not in acceptance of MARIJUANA (ie. You don’t smoke it often!), you should want NOTHING to do with it!  This is basic ethics, isn’t it?!  If you’re new to Cannabis, or were once against it – PISS OFF!!!  Don’t be a HYPOCRITE!  I keep hearing of Cops and Doctors investing in “Cannabusinesses” and pot-stocks.  Bullshit.  These aforementioned people did JAIL TIME because of people like you.  Now, you’re gonna’ penalize THEM…and become rich as a result of their cause?  I just don’t get it.

So, what’s LEFT for Marc and the gang?  Who knows.  So sad that they can’t communicate with eachother, or TALK about Cannabis Culture.  What good is that gonna’ do, really?  Idiots.  It is my hope that they get the credit, recognition, and praise they deserve.  They are intelligent people, from what I have learned, and their determination is evident.  We have not seen the last of them, Thank God.

Reg Nilsna

Reg Nilsna


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