What is ‘GOOD’ Weed?

Have you ever felt the natural, powerfully uplifting experience brought to you by one of Mother Nature’s greatest plants – Cannabis?  I bet you have!  But I bet you haven’t always had “bomb” weed, which left you crawling back for more and more.  While it is often difficult to determine quality by appearance or smell, you can usually tell after that first inhalation.

“Lighter?  Thanks.”  *inhales*  “Ohh.  Ohhhhh.  *nasal hack*  Wow. *eyes tingly* There it is.*grin development* Oh boy.  *nasal hack*  WOW!  Yeah, thas whaddime talkin’ ’bout!!” *feeling of utter peace & contentment* You know good weed ‘cuz it tends to hit you right away in the right way, light a cerebral smack-down!  Although some strains can take a few minutes to elevate you, there is no doubt you will soon be in complete bliss!  But we have all had CRAPPY weed before, too, right??  I often chuckle when I hear avid tokers put their dealer on a bloody pedestal.  “My guy’s always got bomb shit, yo’.  He’s got the best weed in the WORLD!”  Really?  I wonder how you could prove that.  THC levels?  Strains?  Testimonials?  Although most think highest THC (with some CBD) means the best weed, I have learned that that’s not always the case.  People just like to brag, I think, talking as if their “guy” is the friggin’ Prince of Pot (when we all know who really is!).  In a nutshell, the “best” weed is generally uplifting, smooth, and long-lasting.

There are many factors which contribute to this poor quality, such as Lighting, Nutrients, or Growing Medium.  Or, the grower might just be a freakin’ dummy!  Whatever the cause, any true Pothead can tell the difference between Good and Bad weed.  We can’t be fooled by over-fed plants (ingesting Nitrogen or Phosphorous will affect you!), or “flavours” added to the mediums or buds themselves.  Many growers add excess chemicals and “stimulants” in an attempt to get BIGGER, more dense buds.  Afterall, weight is MONEY!  But like anything, Quality is much more important that Quantity!  Mass-produced ANYTHING will not be the best quality.  Especially with delicate plants – you can’t just push, push, push – harvest, harvest, harvest!  Plants are like babies, requiring delicate nurturing, care, maybe the odd lullaby.

This quality-concern of mine came about after going to Canna Clinics throughout the greater Toronto area (GTA).  I have been a member there for about a year, and have had many concerns about the various strains I have tried.  I have tried contact Canna Clinic to inquire about their strains and production methods.  Having smoked almost daily for 18 years, I have been Federally licensed for about 15.  Having many issues with consistency and management of almost every Licensed Provide out there, I had gone to Cannabis Culture, in Toronto.  That place was like Heaven for potheads.  They always have superb cannabis; I had only had one complain with Cannabis Culture – they CLOSED DOWN (against their will, of course!).  I severed ties with my Lp’s after voicing many complaints.  Shit.  Now what?  That’s when I was referred to Canna, at 44 Kensington Ave.  I had concerns right away with Canna Clinic, but didn’t want to complain as I didn’t have anywhere else to turn!  What is it they say, beggars can’t be choosers?  Exactly.  I was desperate!  Although this place had convenient hours, great staff, and variety of products – the cannabis itself was less than the best.  Not even close, actually.

I have tried getting in touch with Canna Clinic’s, but to no avail.  I really want to know who’s growing their shit, as I want to approach THEM with my concerns.  After hearing about mass-grown weed having toxic chemicals, I definitely want some answers.  Like I said, I’m no newbie to Cannabis.  I’ve had the coughs, the phlegm, and the red eyes for years.  But the harshness in my throat after vaping?  The headaches afterwards?  The really HARD nugs?  I would like to know what Canna Clinics is putting in their weed.  I want to help these people, but they don’t seem too concerned by me messaging them.  I’m just surprised that NONE of their employees have “sampled” a nug on a break, and provided some crucial feedback to their employer?  Feedback is HUGE, people!!  Especially when quality and effectiveness are primarily measured by OPINIONS and EXPERIENCES.  All dispensaries should have feedback outlets – especially in this “new” industry!  I know any true pothead that’s been here, knows what I’m talking about.  Yet, their line-ups at Canna Clinic are always out the door.  I don’t understand.  I guess when you have nothing else to smoke…?  I’m really hoping that the weed that’s gonna’ be grown and sold in stores is much better.  But they better have someone credible test that shit first.    Thanks for reading.


Reg Nilsna


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