July 11, 2017 – So I tried Shatter for the first time yesterday.  For those who don’t know what it is, shatter is basically as pure a cannabis concentrate as you’ll ever find.  I think I said that wrong, but I’m still messed up, I think.  haha  I’ve been smoking for many years, and have heard so much about this stuff.  When I was offered (at my clinic), I couldn’t resist.  The guy heated up the bowl, and told me to PULL.

I took it all in, held it for a few seconds, then exhaled.  It really grabbed my ATTENTION!  It reminded me of the yellow, yummy shit you get to scrape outta’ the coffee (bud) grinder.  Very potent!  I wish the guy had WARNED ME, but he probably figured I knew my shit.  Also, he should have asked me FIRST, if I was driving.  I can usually handle my own, and know when I can and cannot drive.  Yesterday, after that big bong-hit of shatter – I was NOT capable of driving.  I mean, I COULD have driven, but it obviously wouldn’t have ended well.  Of all the tens of thousands of times I’ve been high, there have only been 2 times where I could not drive after.  Yesterday was one of them.  I had to top-up my parking meter, and went to the mall to chill.

The effects started to wear off after about an hour.  I had some soup which seemed to help, too.  Just very friggin high, very fast!  I don’t know who needs to get THIS high, THIS quickly?  I’m like a sipper when it comes to weed.  I can ‘sip’ away on a huge joint, gauging exactly how much I take in.  I can lick my finger, and put the joint out at any time, too.  With shatter, or “DABS”, it’s ALL OR NUTHIN’, baby!  shortly after my Dab, I felt dizzy.  It reminded me of my first time using SALVIA, but not as trippy, of course.  My legs felt weird, and appeared to be much farther than I’d last remembered.  I was utilizing handrails, and even put my hand on a mans shoulder briefly.  At  the mall, it felt like the food court was spinning around me.  After about 40 minutes of the dab, I started to feel a better; I was actually giddy and could feel my feet touching the ground again.

I don’t know if Dabs, or Shatter are my thing.  Like I said, I don’t need to get high THAT fast!  It was a rocket, lemme’ tell ya’!  I prefer the scenic route; like the slow-moving hot air balloon.  Yesterday, I went from Zero to 60 in NO time; it reminded me of the stereotypical view of the way potheads feel after using in excess.  I wasn’t hallucinating at all (like I did with Salvia and Mushrooms!), but I felt realllllly different.  I really hope noone would ever drive after using this shit.  Seriously.

I tried Shatter, because I heard it was potent and pure.  I thought, for health reasons, if I could bypass the leaf and go right for the GOLD – then why not!?  But I think I will stick to my sticks.  Joints have never let me down, and are pretty convenient.  Oh, with the shatter, I was also PARANOID as F***!!!!  I seriously kept looking over my shoulder ‘cuz I was certain someone was gonna’ sneak up behind me and cut my head off, or rob me.  That’s where it kinda’ reminded me of mushrooms.  haha  Good times, folks.  I think I’ll keep to my greens.  Peace!

Reg Nilsna


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