About Closettoker:

I am a huge supporter of Cannabis, and strive to see it decriminalized one day.  Formerly AGAINST Cannabis, my life was forever changed 15 years ago when I took my first hoot.  Although it was mind-altering (the first time), I was amazed at how good I felt.  I knew that very moment, that this was something I would/could/should see myself doing for the rest of my life.  Originally criticized about my choice, many in my life have started to come around, accepting my lifestyle.  Although I have never toked in a closet, I want people to know that just ‘cuz I don’t take part in protests, wear green whigs, or have dreads – I can still love pot in my own special way.  I have no problem tokin’ with PEOPLE, I just prefer using it alone.  I like to be Captain of my own ship.  🙂