July 11, 2017 – So I tried Shatter for the first time yesterday.  For those who don’t know what it is, shatter is basically as pure a cannabis concentrate as you’ll ever find.  I think I said that wrong, but I’m still messed up, I think.  haha  I’ve been smoking for many years, and have heard so much about this stuff.  When I was offered (at my clinic), I couldn’t resist.  The guy heated up the bowl, and told me to PULL.

I took it all in, held it for a few seconds, then exhaled.  It really grabbed my ATTENTION!  It reminded me of the yellow, yummy shit you get to scrape outta’ the coffee (bud) grinder.  Very potent!  I wish the guy had WARNED ME, but he probably figured I knew my shit.  Also, he should have asked me FIRST, if I was driving.  I can usually handle my own, and know when I can and cannot drive.  Yesterday, after that big bong-hit of shatter – I was NOT capable of driving.  I mean, I COULD have driven, but it obviously wouldn’t have ended well.  Of all the tens of thousands of times I’ve been high, there have only been 2 times where I could not drive after.  Yesterday was one of them.  I had to top-up my parking meter, and went to the mall to chill.

The effects started to wear off after about an hour.  I had some soup which seemed to help, too.  Just very friggin high, very fast!  I don’t know who needs to get THIS high, THIS quickly?  I’m like a sipper when it comes to weed.  I can ‘sip’ away on a huge joint, gauging exactly how much I take in.  I can lick my finger, and put the joint out at any time, too.  With shatter, or “DABS”, it’s ALL OR NUTHIN’, baby!  shortly after my Dab, I felt dizzy.  It reminded me of my first time using SALVIA, but not as trippy, of course.  My legs felt weird, and appeared to be much farther than I’d last remembered.  I was utilizing handrails, and even put my hand on a mans shoulder briefly.  At  the mall, it felt like the food court was spinning around me.  After about 40 minutes of the dab, I started to feel a better; I was actually giddy and could feel my feet touching the ground again.

I don’t know if Dabs, or Shatter are my thing.  Like I said, I don’t need to get high THAT fast!  It was a rocket, lemme’ tell ya’!  I prefer the scenic route; like the slow-moving hot air balloon.  Yesterday, I went from Zero to 60 in NO time; it reminded me of the stereotypical view of the way potheads feel after using in excess.  I wasn’t hallucinating at all (like I did with Salvia and Mushrooms!), but I felt realllllly different.  I really hope noone would ever drive after using this shit.  Seriously.

I tried Shatter, because I heard it was potent and pure.  I thought, for health reasons, if I could bypass the leaf and go right for the GOLD – then why not!?  But I think I will stick to my sticks.  Joints have never let me down, and are pretty convenient.  Oh, with the shatter, I was also PARANOID as F***!!!!  I seriously kept looking over my shoulder ‘cuz I was certain someone was gonna’ sneak up behind me and cut my head off, or rob me.  That’s where it kinda’ reminded me of mushrooms.  haha  Good times, folks.  I think I’ll keep to my greens.  Peace!

Reg Nilsna


What is ‘GOOD’ Weed?

Have you ever felt the natural, powerfully uplifting experience brought to you by one of Mother Nature’s greatest plants – Cannabis?  I bet you have!  But I bet you haven’t always had “bomb” weed, which left you crawling back for more and more.  While it is often difficult to determine quality by appearance or smell, you can usually tell after that first inhalation.

“Lighter?  Thanks.”  *inhales*  “Ohh.  Ohhhhh.  *nasal hack*  Wow. *eyes tingly* There it is.*grin development* Oh boy.  *nasal hack*  WOW!  Yeah, thas whaddime talkin’ ’bout!!” *feeling of utter peace & contentment* You know good weed ‘cuz it tends to hit you right away in the right way, light a cerebral smack-down!  Although some strains can take a few minutes to elevate you, there is no doubt you will soon be in complete bliss!  But we have all had CRAPPY weed before, too, right??  I often chuckle when I hear avid tokers put their dealer on a bloody pedestal.  “My guy’s always got bomb shit, yo’.  He’s got the best weed in the WORLD!”  Really?  I wonder how you could prove that.  THC levels?  Strains?  Testimonials?  Although most think highest THC (with some CBD) means the best weed, I have learned that that’s not always the case.  People just like to brag, I think, talking as if their “guy” is the friggin’ Prince of Pot (when we all know who really is!).  In a nutshell, the “best” weed is generally uplifting, smooth, and long-lasting.

There are many factors which contribute to this poor quality, such as Lighting, Nutrients, or Growing Medium.  Or, the grower might just be a freakin’ dummy!  Whatever the cause, any true Pothead can tell the difference between Good and Bad weed.  We can’t be fooled by over-fed plants (ingesting Nitrogen or Phosphorous will affect you!), or “flavours” added to the mediums or buds themselves.  Many growers add excess chemicals and “stimulants” in an attempt to get BIGGER, more dense buds.  Afterall, weight is MONEY!  But like anything, Quality is much more important that Quantity!  Mass-produced ANYTHING will not be the best quality.  Especially with delicate plants – you can’t just push, push, push – harvest, harvest, harvest!  Plants are like babies, requiring delicate nurturing, care, maybe the odd lullaby.

This quality-concern of mine came about after going to Canna Clinics throughout the greater Toronto area (GTA).  I have been a member there for about a year, and have had many concerns about the various strains I have tried.  I have tried contact Canna Clinic to inquire about their strains and production methods.  Having smoked almost daily for 18 years, I have been Federally licensed for about 15.  Having many issues with consistency and management of almost every Licensed Provide out there, I had gone to Cannabis Culture, in Toronto.  That place was like Heaven for potheads.  They always have superb cannabis; I had only had one complain with Cannabis Culture – they CLOSED DOWN (against their will, of course!).  I severed ties with my Lp’s after voicing many complaints.  Shit.  Now what?  That’s when I was referred to Canna, at 44 Kensington Ave.  I had concerns right away with Canna Clinic, but didn’t want to complain as I didn’t have anywhere else to turn!  What is it they say, beggars can’t be choosers?  Exactly.  I was desperate!  Although this place had convenient hours, great staff, and variety of products – the cannabis itself was less than the best.  Not even close, actually.

I have tried getting in touch with Canna Clinic’s, but to no avail.  I really want to know who’s growing their shit, as I want to approach THEM with my concerns.  After hearing about mass-grown weed having toxic chemicals, I definitely want some answers.  Like I said, I’m no newbie to Cannabis.  I’ve had the coughs, the phlegm, and the red eyes for years.  But the harshness in my throat after vaping?  The headaches afterwards?  The really HARD nugs?  I would like to know what Canna Clinics is putting in their weed.  I want to help these people, but they don’t seem too concerned by me messaging them.  I’m just surprised that NONE of their employees have “sampled” a nug on a break, and provided some crucial feedback to their employer?  Feedback is HUGE, people!!  Especially when quality and effectiveness are primarily measured by OPINIONS and EXPERIENCES.  All dispensaries should have feedback outlets – especially in this “new” industry!  I know any true pothead that’s been here, knows what I’m talking about.  Yet, their line-ups at Canna Clinic are always out the door.  I don’t understand.  I guess when you have nothing else to smoke…?  I’m really hoping that the weed that’s gonna’ be grown and sold in stores is much better.  But they better have someone credible test that shit first.    Thanks for reading.


Reg Nilsna

What’s Left for Marc???


Well here we are, May 2017, and things haven’t changed much.  Marc Emery, Erin and Chris Goodwin, and many others were screwed-over BIG time this year!  All of their fighting, sacrifices, and jail-time seem to be forgotten by many…and I find that sad.  But soon, most will realize the importance of QUALITY, in the Green rush that’s coming.

Most potheads are glad to hear of legalization talks, though!  “Whoot, WHOOOT!”  Me included…sorta’…not really.  I think we all know what to expect from the legal weed that’s coming to stores near you.  Were it not for Emery (and his dedicated team), we wouldn’t be seeing legalization ’til 20-frickin-30!  I had given up on my LP’s, as the Medicine provided by CANNABIS CULTURE was FAR superior!  Now, I have heard people talking about LP Weed being recalled because it has toxins (coughPOPULATION CONTROLcough).  I had been going to “Canna Clinics” throughout the GTA, and I hate to say it – but the product is garbage.  Many go there as you do not need a Dr.’s referral, it’s convenient, and priced well at $10/gram.  I only went there a few times out of utter desperation.  I can taste ‘something’ in the weed, and I’m not sure what it is.  It’s like something was added to the growing medium, perhaps, and you can taste it and feel it in your head (in a BAD way!).  The headaches I get from Canna Clinic’s weed is very unnatural, as I have been smoking for many, many years and seldom experience this.  I know Canna isn’t government regulated, but the quality is about the same as the LP’s (at best!).

Pothead’s know what good pot is.  I have actually reverted to the black market, as it’s far better quality.  So, once legalized, I’m guessing we’re going to see a shit-load of garbage-weed being controlled and regulated by our government.  I used to wonder, what will the drug Lord’s do if pot is legalized?  The gangs, even?  “Pot”, I’m sure, made up a huge portion of their profits.  But now, I’m thinking they will be ok.  I am considering putting a few plants out this year, in fact.  I never thought I would need to grow weed, with it soon to be LEGALIZED.  There’s something gravely wrong there.  The Government isn’t out-smarting anyone but the greedy investors.

Soon, I hope, Cannabis Culture stores will re-open across the nation.  Let the pot-people distribute the pot, for cryin’ out loud!  The Emery’s paved the road for this, and many take that shit for granted.  It’s like the guy you see stuck by the roadside; you help him get on his way, and he drives off without saying “Thank you!”.  Many have access to SOME sorta’ weed, so they’re content.  It’s green, smells skunky, and makes me feel weird.  Good enough (for some).  Me, on the other hand, I think I can tell good from bad dope.  Most connoisseurs can.

It comes down to MOTIVES.  “What’s in it for THEM!?”  I believe the Emery’s, and Goodwin’s, have reasons for pushing this Marijuana Movement so much.  Their reasons are totally different than the motivations of the big whigs, too.  Although it is a business, I don’t think the Cannabis Culture folks were in it to make a huge profit; they were trying to make a huge POINT (“FREE THE FRIGGIN’ WEED, ALREADY!”), I believe.  Many others, including the government, simply want to make money every way they can with pot.  They KNOW it’s gonna’ be HUGE, so they want their piece of the pie (or in this case, the WHOLE friggin’ PIE!).  Most pot-sellers, “dealers”, whatever –  want their customers to be happy; they want them to come back again and again!  Heck, bring your friends if they coo’!  Basically, if you’re not in acceptance of MARIJUANA (ie. You don’t smoke it often!), you should want NOTHING to do with it!  This is basic ethics, isn’t it?!  If you’re new to Cannabis, or were once against it – PISS OFF!!!  Don’t be a HYPOCRITE!  I keep hearing of Cops and Doctors investing in “Cannabusinesses” and pot-stocks.  Bullshit.  These aforementioned people did JAIL TIME because of people like you.  Now, you’re gonna’ penalize THEM…and become rich as a result of their cause?  I just don’t get it.

So, what’s LEFT for Marc and the gang?  Who knows.  So sad that they can’t communicate with eachother, or TALK about Cannabis Culture.  What good is that gonna’ do, really?  Idiots.  It is my hope that they get the credit, recognition, and praise they deserve.  They are intelligent people, from what I have learned, and their determination is evident.  We have not seen the last of them, Thank God.

Reg Nilsna

Reg Nilsna

Legalization Won’t Affect STEREOTYPES

With talks of legalization looming (God I hope that’s a word), there’s a lot more people smiling, it seems.  Many, including myself, are thrilled that we will no longer face harsh penalties for using cannabis – whether it be for Medical, Recreational, or Spiritual reasons.  *Sighh*  But if it becomes LEGAL, will that alter society’s perception of “potheads”?  Will these once-menaces now be treated respectfully, regardless of age, gender, creed, or race?  I really don’t think so.

Potheads will always be potheads.  This is a meaningless statement, as it can be a good or really scary notion.  And, while many connoisseurs won’t care about the opinions of others, these opinions and biases aren’t likely to change anytime soon.  So many competent, intelligent adults will never approve of such a ‘stupid lifestyle choice’.  Even if pot becomes legal.  If you smoke a joint on a beach, for instance, it’s sure to raise more of a ‘stink’ than if you were sippin’ a cold beer, laughin’ loudly and firin’ F-bombs.  If you’re caught smokin’ weed, people will get pissed off.  “My kids are there, y’know!  What are you THINKING!??!?”  Or a cancer patient smokin’ a FAT joint outside of his residence/hospital.  Many will shake their heads at this.  It will always be seen as wrong to many people.

If pot is being used for recreational reasons, naysayers will say:  “Losers.  Why don’t they get a life!?”  If medical users are puffin’ away, they may hear others muttering:  “There ARE other options.  What are they thinking!??”  Once underage kids start using pot more (and they inevitably WILL!), every pothead will be viewed more negatively.  “How could they contribute to this!?  Our precious CHILDREN are on DRUGS!!!”  With alcohol, we really never saw this.  Most believed that, worse case, the kids would get a hangover, puke a bit, then hopefully learn a lesson.  But weed??  “Weed is the beginning of the END!!!!  Weed will lead to OTHER drugs!  Weed will strip you of your one and only LIFE!!”  This is what many STILL believe, at least.  Stupid, huh?

Like I said, potheads are not likely to change.  Legalization could bring about it’s own set of issues, but not for people already very familiar with the powers of this plant.  Legalization does make it easier to access (unfortunately, for kids, too).  It also makes things much safer and more convenient for recreational, or medical users.  But you walk by a patio filled with fired-up opinions mixed with alcohol, and you smell like cannabis – you’re likely to get some negative verbal feedback.  Most potheads would just ignore it, of course.  But can you IMAGINE a drunk stumblin’ by a pot-puffin’-patio, and a pothead says, “Hey bud.  Be careful, you’re gonna’ trip on your shoelace!”  Man, it would be a near-war!  In-your-face, bad breath, pokin’ you with their finger.  Shit, bud, piss off.  I was trying to help.

In ending, I will add that the fix for this, like most things, is EDUCATION.  People have different reasons for not liking pot (addictions run in the family, bad experience with, hates the smell, believes it to be harmful, etc.), and noone can force you to change your set beliefs (even if you’ve been misguided).  THEY are your beliefs!  However, we ALL have to accept that we ALL have different beliefs, guided by our education, morals, and expectations.  I believe cannabis to be the most amazing planet on plant earth, and if anyone doesn’t agree, I urge you to do your research, please.  Be well, my friends!

Reg Nilsna


Pills, pills, pills.  Drugs are good, aren’t they?  I know most would agree.  One of the main reasons I’d never thought Cannabis, however, would become legal is because of the booming DRUG business.  The Pharmaceutical industry generates Trillions of dollars annually and, while I’m not expert on this sector, I do know that legalization HAS to be of HUGE concern!

Pot will replace a lot of medicines – I think this is pretty clear.  It has proven beneficial for many ailments that are currently being treated for with PILLS.  Even if the pharma-profits are cut in HALF – that’s gotta’ be reason for WAR almost, no?? How are they ok with this??

Here’s the way I look at Cannabis as medicine:  If we were allowed to grow our own medicine, cure it, and use it for healing (not to mention myriad other uses!), we’d have to visit the white-coated GP less.  Physically, Psychologically, and spiritually, we will be feeling much better following nature’s path.  In fact, it has been proven (by someone) that many people are “magically” healed before they even get to see their doctor!  The comfort in knowing you’re soon going to be in good hands, is reassuring.  It’s a medical phenomenon called the Placebo effect.

In general, we have come to realize that – with cannabis – we need a lot LESS of the things we THINK we need in life.  We don’t NEED all of those pills, or all of the stress, or even the fancy cars or house!  Pot seems to wake us up to what’s really important.  Stereotypes aside, many potheads are compassionate, creative, and LOVING people!  We’d generally give you the shirts off of our backs (sometimes just randomly), irregardless of gender.

In ending, I want to state that I wish to never witness a WAR in my lifetime.  I find it horrific that this plant – CANNABIS – has had such a bad rap and has been smothered in such controversy ever since man realized its value.  I hope we ALL can somehow benefit from this God-given, beautiful piece of green life.  The source – and possibilities – are truly limitless.  But I’m sure some madman, years ago affirmed:  “We can NOT let just anyone have this plant!  It’s too amazing!!  It has too many benefits and revealing these can result in clear thinking and inner guidance!  People will never suffer –  or NEEEEED, or STRUGGLE, OR WORRY – unless we BAN this bush NOW!”  Maybe it was worded differently, but the premise is the same.  Too much of a good thing is a bad thing.


One Confused POThead…

So here we are, April 2017.   Now there’s talk about #LEGALIZATION OF #MARIJUANA by next month.  It seems to hard to believe, considering all of the raids, incarcerations and negativity towards pot in the media.  But there is, in fact, talk going on.  I believe this is a good-bad thing.

The government, not surprisingly, will want complete control over this now-emerging industry…         …that has been known of for dozens of dozens of centuries.  I think it’s probably best that the “powers” take control of this, too (Ooohh – there go my followers!).  I know everyone wants to open up their own pot-shops, and have their own twist on their OWN business.  But the biggies are havin’ NUNNA’ that shit!

I agree that pot IS a substance that CAN harm you; it could potentially KILL (ie. allergies/anaphylaxis, choking, falling/clumsy, over-using/driving)!!  Cannabis is a medicine.  “Noo, I just wan’ get HIIIGH and feel GOOOOOOD!”  If this is WHY you use cannabis, you’re still using it to feel better, right?  “Recreational” or “Medical” – you’re likely using pot to IMPROVE your life, right?  The only difference between the two, really, is that with the latter – a PROFESSIONAL is in agreement with you.

Unlike alcohol, marijuana is not addictive and doesn’t diminish your sense of awareness or spatial perceptions the same.  But it does affect most of your body’s physiology.  It does speed up – or slow down – one’s heartbeat!  That’s scary, man!  I don’t want customers calling me, freaking on me saying that they’re losin’ their shit and I’m responsible!  They think they’re having a heart attack or seizure; they’re experiencing paranoia, and they’re billing me for the Ambulance!  Oh, and they’re contemplating suicide – just great!  I really don’t want the stress or liability in selling plant matter (albeit, a potentially life-altering substance) that really hasn’t been studied as much as it could/should have been.

It’s not a lemonade stand here, folks.  Pot can drastically change your day (hopefully for the better!).  Pot can change your effin REALITY if you’re not prepared!  For most, this is kinda’ the goal, I realize.  We want to relax; worry less and feel GOOD all over!  That’s why we puff, isn’t it!?  I know every pothead’s favourite line:  “But noone’s EVER died from smokin’ weed, yo’!”  While this seems true from a toxicological point of view, I see it as an age-old, hippie-belief that has comforted and reassured us for years.  Potheads will say, “Tell me one case – just ONE –  where someone died from smokin’ weed – TELL ME!”  Well, I can’t.  I can’t tell you one single case where someone has died by stickin’ a knife in a toaster either, but I guarantee it’s happening right now.  Cannabis is simply a plant, but it contains many unknowns.  It’s risks remain hidden for the most part (again, we’ve never really STUDIED IT!), but I think it can have adverse, varying effects on short and long-term health.  While I think it would help with Depression and Anxiety, I can also see it worsening those symptoms for some.

While I appreciate the efforts of #budtenders across the country, a barely-legal clerk isn’t equipped to deal with the HEALTH of cannabis users – medicinal or recreational.  Our world is full of mind-altering substances:  meds, plants, caffeine, sugar, alcohol, etc.  I know it seems contradictory, in a world where a CHILD can order a coffee without a note from a parent or doctor; it’s just ASSumed that the coffee is not for that child, right?  I don’t think we should be giving coffee – let alone CANNABIS – to just anyone who asks for it.  Again, sellin’ pot ain’t like sellin’ LEMONADE.  Pot will affect you much differently than lemonade (and it damn well SHOULD!), and accordingly, MUST come with some statutes/regulations/guidelines.

Thank you for reading.  Would love to hear your opinion on this!

Reg Nilsna

I Preefer MADNESS, actually…

March 17,2017

While many, today, will enjoy their green pints of beer in commemoration of St. Patrick’s Day, many will not.  I am not a drinker, nor am I Irish, but I do like green things.  I love frogs; I love 4-leaf clovers; I love limes; and I love beautiful pastures.  Oh, and I effin’ LOVE cannabis!

Just when you seem to think things are beginning to improve, the whole shit-show comes collapsing down upon us.  I feel as if we’re living in the 20’s and 30’s again, with Cannabis at the centre of debate.  But we’ve already proven that Cannabis, or “Marijuana”, is NOT a substance that makes you crazy…haven’t we!?  We now know that it doesn’t make you rape women, rob people, or significantly decrease one’s motivation in life.  So then why all of these BUSTS??  Mr. and Mrs. Emery, and the Goodwin’s  (among many others!) are proof that Prohibition is alive and well.  I really don’t know how this is all going to end up, to be honest.

Once I seen the myriad Cannabis Culture shops opening up across our beautiful country, I thought:  Wow, we’re actually getting somewhere…thanks to some truly AMAZING people.  Then we find out the police in Toronto have been long-planning this huge take-down.  The government wants complete control over Cannabis (‘cuz they know there’s HUGE profits to be made!), and will go to any measures to ensure they’re the sole providers.  Anyone else who’s selling (better quality) cannabis will be arrested, and not allowed to leave the province.  My God, are we really HERE???  I feel like we’re moving backwards, folks, and eventually people are going to be put to DEATH in Canada for having pot on you (unless you have a medicinal license).  I feel like Anslinger’s spirit is alive and well still, and that’s disgusting.  As stated, we know marijuana’s safer than most substances (even Candy!) on our planet.  So the only issues now is who can or cannot sell it, right?  So – it comes down to MONEY.  Not health, protection, security, or social welfare.  It’s frankly a money matter.

Noone should be able to put a monopoly on a plant you can grow in your backyard.  Hypothetically, you could grow 10 plants, and it would last you the whole year.  You’d go to the Dr.’s less, be much happier, have extra cash in your wallet, and you’d be learning a new hobby!  We shouldn’t need “LP’s” or doctors to tell us what we already know about this plant.  Sure, I’m not an expert Cannabis – but I know it works better than any of the medications I was on.  Doctors hate hearing that, man.  I don’t have a green thumb, but I can grow decent pot.  But again, that’d be thousands of dollars each year not in someone else’s pocket, if I grew my own medicine.  That being said, I’m still hopeful.  Marc Emery is an amazing man.  I have followed him for over 15 years, and applaud his efforts.  Hoping things will turn around quickly, as I don’t want to hit the streets looking for my medicine.  Best wishes, to all!

Reg Nilsna