Products & Slurvices

Throughout this journey, I’ve come up with some pretty spectacular business ideas that pertain to all things green (MARIJUANA).  I never honestly envisioned Cannabis becoming legal in MY lifetime – but I’m not gonna’ complain!  I have sought out other avid tokers and entrepreneurs, but haven’t had any biters yet.  I have done much research into almost EVERY industry out there, and have brainstormed many ways in which Cannabis, Marijuana, Pot, Ganja, Reefer – however you choose to address it – can benefit each!  I have many rough doodles and comics of great ideas I have been collecting over the years.  I know this, The Cannabis Industry, is very exciting for many people.  Pot – it’s not just for potheads anymore!  Sounds hypocritical, but if there’s money to be made – morality tends to go out the window!  Like I said, I have many ‘blueprints’ for ideas, and I was worried as I don’t have patents on all.  I actually don’t have patents on any.  I’m a pothead, c’mon!  But I’d still be utterly offended if someone stole my ideas and ran with ’em.  So I will end this note now.  This is like the Industrial Revolution all over again (in a more environmentally-friendly way!), and I hope we can really make the BEST of this opportunity to utilize the full potential of one the our planets greatest plants – C A N N A B I S !